Checkingof volume, rank tracker
and SEO traffic forecast

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We have developed a unique system of Gogetrank marketing search

Thus, the established structure of organization is an interesting experiment to check further trends of development.

On the other hand, the new model of organizational performance provides a wide range

The advantage of the system

Outstrip the competitors and be in TOP

Remember TOP 100 SERP using a key to Google and Yandex

For each of these keys, we gather the whole TOP 100 of websites in the search for each date of checking. With a single click, you can see the dynamics of all competitors by semantic content and download this data in Excel file. It provides extensive opportunities to analyze what is happening in the search.

Sorting by quickly growing competitors

We have developed a special filter that allows you to find all competitors who have quickly grown by the key with a single click. Due to such analysis, you will find the reasons of their growth and will be able to use this information to form your own promotion strategy.

Notifications about losing a spot in the TOP list or dropping from hints block

In order to promptly respond to changes in posting we have developed a notification system.You will automatically receive a letter in the mail whenever rankings for the defined threshold have dropped

The website traffic forecast

We have developed an algorithm, which assesses capacity by loaded semantics. Using time series we estimate traffic with no promotion. The traffic forecast with promotion is based on the hypothesis that the requests that are out of TOP 10 will be included in the TOP 10 with some probability. This forecast is a benchmark that the site can get due to SEO

Dealing with groups of requests

We made it possible to import clustered semantics and track groups of requests by clusters,
You can also pause checking of specific groups.

Tracking the change of page relevance

Our system allows you to upload keys with target URLs. A special filter allows you to see all those URLs, for which the current relevant URL is inconsistent with the target one.

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We have won the Startup Battle in 2018

This is an open offline online-event organized by the professional network Startup Network and Crowd INC for players on venture capital investment market.

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